Lead Acid Battery Maintenance by Puls-R International - Technical and Installation


Technical and Installation

The PULS-R is a quick and easy solution to the age old problem of premature service life of lead acid batteries due to poor reconditioning and maintenance.

The PULS-R can be fitted in a couple of minutes and when on standby it draws only 3mA and emits a flashing blue LED.

As soon as it receives 13.7v and 0.5amp from any source it begins the reconditioning process and a continuous blue LED indicates the unit is working.

The Puls-R 12V what is it?

The Puls-R 12V is a battery conditioning device that attaches to the battery pole clamps of all standard 12v lead acid / gel lead acid / AGM batteries.

What does it do?

  • Increases your battery lifespan by at least 100%
  • Increases your battery capacity by up to 340%
  • Enables you to charge your battery faster
  • Replace your battery less often - Environmentally friendly
  • Can restore older batteries in conjunction with a 12v charger
    (providing there is no mechanical damage)

How does it do it?

Lead-acid batteries store energy by means of a chemical reaction between lead, lead dioxide and sulphuric acid (liquid or gel). After a while in operation, lead sulphate crystals form on the electrodes, reducing the capacity and service life of the battery.

Batteries treated with Puls-R 12V exhibit a significantly more homogenous lead dioxide structure on the positive electrode. The advantages: the electrode works more efficiently, the charging time is reduced and both capacity and service life are considerably increased.

Resulting in

  • Renewal of the active material in the battery
  • Promotion of the growth of fine lead dioxide crystals on positive electrodes for a more homogeneous and better functioning electrode
  • Transformation of lead sulphate crystallised on negative electrodes into lead and sulphuric acid
  • Reduction in the formation of larger lead sulphate crystals
  • Better protects your battery against poor charge management

In concrete terms this means PULS-R lead acid battery reconditioning and maintenance gives you a longer service life, increased performance and fewer charging cycles. Which means reduced maintenance costs, reduced replacement costs and confidence in your batteries.

PULS-R can even restore older batteries

PULS-R can even restore older batteries when used in conjunction with a charger providing there is no mechanical damage to the electrodes.

If you use a Lead Acid, Gel Lead Acid or AGM Batteries in any of the following applications - we can help you reduce costs , save time and shrink your carbon footprint.

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Lead Acid Battery Maintenance by Puls-R International - Technical and Installation