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Product registration and guarantee information

Your PULS-R device is expected to have a minimum life of 10,000 hours of active use. Active use means your PULS-R device is on a battery actively being charged. Your precise application will directly impact upon the length of time your PULS-R device is expected to function effectively.

For example, if you run a charging system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you will have active use of 8,760 hours within a 12 month duration. Every PULS-R comes complete with a standard 2 years manufacturers guarantee. It's not that we expect your PULS-R device to fail after this period but now you understand the variables I'm sure you agree, a 2 year manufacturers warranty is a fair term.

What happens if your device fails outside the warranty period?

If you have completed the registration form below, kept your receipt and can return the product to us via your local distributor or the original place of purchase, we promise to undertake a product autopsy.

Every product has built in intelligence which provides us with vital feedback

If we find your product has been used as directed and for some reason has failed to meet the expected life of 10,000 hours then we will provide you a complimentary replacement product. This is a good will gesture and does not form any binding contract.

Validating your 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee of your PULS-R product

Please complete the on-line registration form below and retain your original receipt. All PULS-R devices are developed, produced and examined according to the latest technical regulations. In the unlikely event a fault should arise, we ask you to contact your local dealer or place of purchase in the first instance.

Warranty claims cannot be made directly with Puls-R Limited without a valid receipt.
For your own safety under no circumstances must you open or attempt to service the PULS-R. This may cause injury and will invalidate your warranty.

Please enter your product details in the form below.

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PULS-R can even restore older batteries

PULS-R can even restore older batteries when used in conjunction with a charger providing there is no mechanical damage to the electrodes.

If you use a Lead Acid, Gel Lead Acid or AGM Batteries in any of the following applications - we can help you reduce costs , save time and shrink your carbon footprint.

Marine Applications

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Lead Acid Battery Maintenance by Puls-R International - Product Registration