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PULS-R International - greener lead acid battery management solutions

PULS-R is a division of the internationally successful B. Hepworth & Co Ltd who specialise in the manufacture of safety critical systems for the marine, rail, passenger transport and commercial vehicle sectors.

B Hepworth has received the exclusive manufacturing and marketing license for the marine sector.

Based in Redditch in the West Midlands, the manufacturing base of PULS-R International is conveniently located at the heart of the UK. Perfect for distribution throughout the UK and export to our network of overseas distributors.

New purpose-built manufacturing facility

The PULS-R range of electronic products are manufactured at our purpose-built facility which employs a dynamic manufacturing process. Designed specifically to enable multiple product variations seamlessly during a production day. PULS-R units are built to order using lean manufacturing processes. This ensures the most competitive pricing combined with highly responsive, scalable production capabilities.

Every unit is individually tested and given a unique barcode identity

Bespoke high-end automated quality control test equipment is used to validate functionally and electronically test all products manufactured. Every unit is individually tested and has a unique barcode reference applied before despatch.

The test information is electronically stored to ensure full traceability and production history of each individual unit manufactured can be recalled in an instant.

Customer satisfaction through guaranteed product performance and quality.

Every client can register their individual unit using the Product Registration on this site.

PULS-R can even restore older batteries

PULS-R can even restore older batteries when used in conjunction with a charger providing there is no mechanical damage to the electrodes.

If you use a Lead Acid, Gel Lead Acid or AGM Batteries in any of the following applications - we can help you reduce costs , save time and shrink your carbon footprint.

Marine Applications

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Lead Acid Battery Maintenance by Puls-R International - About PULS-R International